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Think Like a Student Leader can be purchased for personal use, for a classroom, organization, school, etc. 

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Pricing Tiers

Think Like a Student Leader gets easier to purchase as the number of members increase. This chart shows the pricing tiers for TLSL. These tiers should help you avoid any tears.

Why Tiers?

We want Think Like a Student Leader to be accessible to everyone - from the teacher looking for a new resource to an entire school looking for a culture shift. The cost per person goes down the more new members come on board.


What Will You Get?

Every new member gets: 

  • Access to new leadership content every month (8-12 videos)
  • Access to all monthly archives of TLSL
  • Access to all leadership categories - new categories added monthly
  • Access to online courses (Leadership 101, Advanced Leadership, How to Win in DECA Competitions, etc.) 


If you are still on the fence about Think Like a Student Leader, or have any questions about content, delivery, or pricing, reach out today! E-mail: [email protected]


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