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Think Like a Student Leader (TLSL) is an online leadership subscription. Our team of leadership experts create videos/articles/guides every month to help in the teaching and training of leadership to young people (typically middle school and high school). Videos are typically 3-5 minutes long to provide short, memorable bits of information. Some videos are 10-15 minutes long to dive deeper into a topic. Some videos/webinars are 45-60 minutes long and could be used as a full leadership lesson/class. New content is uploaded every month and then placed in leadership categories (ex. bullying, taking action, dedication, etc.). 

Every new member gets: 

  • Access to new leadership resources every month (8-12 videos/articles/guides) from our team of experts
  • Access to all monthly archives of TLSL - all the content from previous months
  • Access to all leadership categories - content organized into specific topic sections
  • Access to online courses (Leadership 101, Advanced Leadership, How to Win in DECA Competitions, etc.). We add specific courses as content continues to be built and added.

Think Like a Student Leader is used everywhere leadership is being taught. People use Think Like a Student Leader in all kinds of ways - it's really up to you. Some examples we've seen:

  • A teacher purchases Think Like a Student Leader for her students to incorporate leadership into her classroom and curriculum. The students watch one video per week and do a short write-up on it. 
  • State CTSOs use Think Like a Student Leader to energize and build up their State Officers, Leadership Councils, and general members.
  • Student Council advisors purchase Think Like a Student Leader for use in leadership classes - some advisors who do not have a leadership class give access to specific students in leadership positions to hone their leadership skills. 
  • GEAR UP, TRiO, and AVID programs send videos from Think Like a Student Leader to members to keep them consistently thinking about important topics and qualities of leaders. 

The list goes on. Think Like a Student Leader fits in all types of classes, organizations, and leadership environments. 

New lessons are added every month. Typically, between 8 and 12 videos/articles/guides are uploaded every month - all relating to a topic within the leadership realm. Think Like a Student Leader began in May of 2018, and all new members immediately gain access to all past videos and resources as well. 

We want to make leadership education as accessible as possible. We have a tiered pricing model so adding more members doesn't have to break the bank. To see all the pricing tiers, click here. 


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